Analog Camera Project

Senior Project Design Thesis
California Polytechnic at San Luis Obispo

Mechanical Engineering - Product Design & Development

Test Engineer

Callaway Golf - Golf Club Putter R&D 

Carlsbad, CA - June 2014 - September 2014

+ Executed performance and mechanics of materials analysis on putter insert to determine improvements on true ball roll

+ Utilized MATLAB, Quintic analysis software, precision anatomic robots, and high-speed cameras to track kinetic friction effects between golf ball and ground

+ Supported a team of engineers to implement design improvements to putter inserts and provide marketable data to benefit product success

Data Engineer

Callaway Golf - Golf Ball R&D 

Carlsbad, CA - June 2015 - September 2015

+ Tasked with condensing over 1,000 golf ball datasheets into an accessible database

+ Incorporated Andon and GUI to provide a usable interface for all levels of production

+ Assisted with golf ball analysis, batch processing, and quality inspection and FEA

+ Researched decades of golf ball data to improve compression and hardness performance

Industrial Designer

Aaron Chang Fine Art Galleries

Gallery Operations Manager - Solana Beach, CA

Working with Aaron Chang, world-renowned surf photographer and founder of SURFING Magazine, I turned his visions and ideas into 3-Dimensional visualizations to aid in project proposals to city officials. Key roles included:

+ Generate renderings and models for art installations and to aide in concept visualization and understanding

+ Develop project proposals with cost estimations and detailed drawings

+ Communicate with fabricator and artist to refine the structural integrity of the sculpture while keeping visual appeal 

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