Aaron Chang Fine Art Galleries

Solana Beach,  California

June 2016 - September 2016

Surfboard Wave Sculpture

While working with Aaron Chang, world-renowned surf photographer and founder of SURFING Magazine, I generated renderings and models for a 20-foot sculpture made from dozens of custom surfboards fabricated to resemble a breaking wave. I generated a project proposal with cost estimations and detailed drawings for the fabricator to create the base and structure of the sculpture. Deliverables were presented to a panel of city officials to receive installation approval.

Analysis Performed

+ Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA)

+ Stress Analysis

+  Material Analysis

Software Utilized

+ AutoCAD

+ Fusion360

+  Adobe Illustrator

Bali Tree 3D Wall Installation

The Bali Tree Installation consists of 104 acrylic squares of varying heights from 1” to 4”, mounted to a Fuji Crystal Archive photographic print of Chang’s Bali Tree to create an optically magnified effect. Fusion 360 3D renderings were instrumental in securing bid for entry piece at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Deigo.

Key Roles

+ Utilized 3D renderings and detailed sketches to
visually conceptualize a 40 sq. ft. 3D wall installation 

+ Participated in extensive verbal and written communication with acrylic supplier and collaborative design meetings to continually improve design

Software Utilized

+ AutoCAD

+ Fusion360

+ Adobe Photoshop

Using Format