Research & Development Intern

June 2015 - September 2015


NEW Chrome Soft (2016) 

"We have tunnel vision. We’re not focused on the competition, we’re focused on producing a noticeably better golf ball, which is exactly what we’ve been hearing from golfers all around the world."

- Callaway Golf

+ Tasked with condensing over 1,000 golf ball data sheets into an accessible database

+ Incorporated Andon Visual Management and GUI to provide a usable interface for all levels of production

+ Assisted with golf ball analysis, batch processing, and quality inspection and FEA

+ Researched decades of golf ball data to improve compression and hardness performance

Microsoft Excel

Searched, organized and catalogued thousands of spreadsheets with various data collect over 10 years in order to create a searchable and sortable database

Microsoft Access

Utilized Microsoft Access as the primary tool to create a searchable database that can be filtered by various specifications for golf ball design

Responsibilities Included:

+ Understanding fundamentals of golf ball design and manufacturing

+ Aiding in the testing and data collection of the golf ball product

+ Organize years of golf ball data collected into Excel spreadsheets

+ Create a database to easily search and retrieve data to be utilized in the future design of products

+ Utilize Lean Six Sigma practices in the creation of the database to optimize the effectiveness of product outcome

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