Research & Development Intern

June 2014 - September 2014


Odyssey Works - Fusion RX 

"In the Versa 2-Ball Fang mode this has led to an accuracy improvement of 36% making it the most accurate Odyssey 2-Ball putter of all time. Callaway has coupled this improved roll and accuracy with the proven alignment benefits of the Versa alignment system."

Responsibilities Included:

+ Executed performance and mechanics of materials analysis on putter insert to determine improvements on true ball roll

+ Utilized MATLAB, Quintic analysis software, precision anatomic robots, and high-speed cameras to track kinetic friction effects between golf ball and ground

+ Supported a team of engineers to implement design improvements to putter inserts and provide marketable data to benefit product success

Siemens NX

Utilized Siemens NX CAD software to evaluate 3D models to acquire necessary measurements needed for testing and calibration of devices 

Quintic Putting Analysis

Operated Phantom high speed camera and utilized Quintic Putting Analysis software to collect necessary data


Took advantage of MATLABS data computing to analyze large data sets and to visualize the results and present using Andon Visual Management

Microsoft Excel

Recorded and stored data in data sheets utilizing a template designed to standardize the  acquisition and input of data

"Odyssey Golf: Odyssey Works proves just how obsessed and relentless we are about making the highest performance putters in the world."

Video Courtesy of Odyssey Golf

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